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August Break - Final Part

augustbreak 020.jpg

{Day 20 - taste} 

augustbreak 021.jpg

 {Day 21 - something old}

augustbreak 022.jpg

{Day 22 - midday}  {day 23...the one I didn't do...}

augustbreak 024.jpg

{day 24 - hear}  

augustbreak 025.jpg

{day 25 - Sunday morning} 

augustbreak 026.jpg

{day 26 - YES} 

augustbreak 027.jpg

{day 27 - numbers} 


{day 28 - smell} 

augustbreak 029.jpg

{day 29 - favourite thing} 

augustbreak 030.jpg

{day 30 - sign} 

augustbreak 031.jpg

{day 31 - smile} 

augustbreak 032.jpg

and another one!  

Thank you so much to Susannah Conway for inspiring so many people around the World to take part in this photography project. I didn't take a complete break in August but I certainly did slow down my blogging and take time to think, reflect, rest and have lots of fun.  

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Here comes September! x

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