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Summer Holiday Make and Do: Don't get bored sticks

sticks 001.jpg

I found a little five minutes to make our own version of these sticks.  I have been thinking of making a little jar of ideas of things to do (a bit like our story jar) for a while now and I was really taken with writing them on sticks. When I added them to our Summer Pinterest board I knew the children would love them and they were such a quick, simple and oh so satisfying thing to make! 

I made these ones with lolly sticks, washi tape and a sharpie. The children have already been using them. Great for a bit of reading practice too! 

I was thinking of using the washi tape to theme the sticks into inside, outside etc. activities but I didn't have time for that in the end. I'll build up a collection and re-tape them at some point. Oh the joy of washi tape, I just love it.  

Hope you're enjoying the Summer holidays. They seem to be going by a little bit too quickly for my liking but that is a good sign that we are having lots of fun and enjoying all being together.  

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