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If I can't switch off, can I slow down?

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Earlier this week I wrote an article on Medium posing the question of whether startup people can ever switch off, and through writing it and focussing on it, it made me think about the time that I'm taking off to be with my children while they are young. I sometimes struggle with whether this is the right thing for me to be doing and panic about all the work/career/startup stuff I could be doing it I wasn't doing this. But, I know that what I'm doing is the right thing for them and for me, and if I don't take this time with them then I will really regret it. I am so lucky to have the chance to be at home with them and not have to go to out to work (thanks Stef!), so I want to be able to fully embrace it. 

But, at the same time I'm a startup person and I can't just switch off my ideas, my energy and drive. That's why things like the Fox Boxes happen! I want to do all the things and sometimes my mind goes a little bit crazy.  

This blog began as a way to create a space for me and a creative outlet. It's working so well at providing me with that. I need to remember that more often. But the biggest thing I need to remember is that the ideas, the creativity, the passion, will keep on flowing, and be there when I need it. By learning from my children and living in the moment a bit more, I want to take joy in the little things that I have the time to do. I have an idea/plan of what I'd like to do when they are all at school. 

Instead of driving myself a little bit crazy, I am going to try and do one small thing each day that works towards a bigger goal. I know I can't switch off but perhaps I can learn to go at a slower pace and work gently towards something bigger. This was left on my Facebook page earlier this week in response to "Can startup people ever switch off?" and I thought it was a refreshing way to work and live.  

I have also been thinking this week, since writing my post on Medium, that startup energy is brilliant for being a parent of four children! More thoughts coming on that soon. For now I need to snuggle up, feed little Rudi and be happy in the moment.  


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