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Four months with baby Rudi

Rudi4months 009.jpg

Our little poppet is a big four months old today! I really can't remember the time she wasn't here. She is such a big part of our family and brings so much love and happiness and so many giggles and smiles to our lives every day. With one of her smiles she can turn any frown upside down. She has the ability to stop grumpy toddlers in their tracks with a little giggle. Oh Rudi you are simply the best. 

Rudi4months 010.jpg
Rudi4months 011.jpg

Rudi has learnt to roll over, which makes her laugh with joy. She's learnt to love bath time and she's starting to hold toys. She loves us to sing to her, play boo and will happily listen to any of us talking about anything, as long as she can see us and babble away in response! It all seems to be happening so fast. 

Rudi4months 015.jpg
Rudi4months 013.jpg
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Rudi4months 016.jpg
Rudi4months 005.jpg
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Rudi4months 019.jpg

Rudi we love you so much! x

 {Rudi is: one month, two months, three months}

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