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monstermatchbox 001.jpg

This week I made these cute little Boo Boxes with my children. A little monster in a little house, perfect to fit into a little pocket!  

boobox 007.jpg

All you need are some small pieces of felt (great for using up scraps) , buttons, needle & thread, an empty matchbox, some scissors and washi tape and stickers to decorate. You could also use paper and pens to decorate your box. Oh and a little piece of paper to draw a monster on. 

boobox 009.jpg

We started by drawing a little monster that would fit snuggly inside the box. And then went on to create different monsters of the same size out of felt. You can be as creative with this part as you want to be. Depending on the age of your children they can either help choose colours and shapes, number of eyes etc. or they can actually cut out and sew the monsters themselves.  

I used some thick felt for the monster bodies but if you don't have any thick felt, you could use 2 or 3 layers of thinner felt and sew them together.  

boobox 014.jpg

Next we decorated our boxes. You could do a house design or completely freestyle! Just have fun making a little home for your monster.  

boobox 011.jpg

You can decorate the inside too and if you want to you could make a little ribbon loop for opening the box. To make one I just stuck the ribbon in with washi tape.  

boobox 012.jpg

Pop your monsters into their houses and get ready to pop them open and shout BOO!  

boobox 005.jpg
boobox 003.jpg

Have fun! x

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