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It's the Little Things

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As a busy mum to four little children and a wife to a super busy husband it is the little things in life, which often keep me going. Each week I will be writing a "it's the little things" post to share with you the things that have made me smile. The little things in life as so important but we often let them slip by. Appreciate the little things. They are precious.

This week's little things:  


I have been feeling a bit out of sorts over the past few days. I couldn't really work out why today and then as I sat down this evening to give Rudi her early evening feed I remembered that I've hardly slept over the past few nights. Little Rudi has just needed extra snuggles, feeds and a very patient mummy and as lovely as it is to give all that she needs, it's also exhausting, especially with her three siblings to look after too. It's no wonder i'm not feeling full of inspiration and creativity. 

So, I'm being kind to myself and snuggling on the sofa whenever I can and reminding myself that this phase won't last.  

Have a lovely Wednesday and take a moment to look at the little things today. x

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