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Esty Love: Happy August

happyaugust 013.jpg

One of my favourite Etsy shops for cute stationery is Happy August and I wanted to share a few images of little things I've been making lately with my Happy August tags and stickers.  

happyaugust 002.jpg
happyaugust 004.jpg
happyaugust 007.jpg

These cute, tiny tags are my favourite! They are so sweet for little gifts or notes and are especially useful if you ever need to do any tooth fairy duties as they fit perfectly inside a matchbox.  

happyaugust 010.jpg

We made the matchbox to put the tooth in for the fairy and then the fairy left her little note on one of these sweet tags!  

Happy August now has some new stickers  , which are now on my wishlist and I would love a sweet yellow garland to match Rudi's pink one

The triangle stickers I have used are sadly not for sale any longer but the lovely red and white tags are. And there is a lovely selection of twine. My favourite is this bright aqua blue one. 

Thanks Happy August for making such sweet stationery! x

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