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That was July: This is August

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Oh July was such a hard month that I didn't even manage to start it with my usual 'start the month' post. It was kind of hard from beginning to end, mainly due to having to make some tough decisions to do with the Fox Boxes and the challenge of doing all that with a little baby. Not to mention the difficulties of breastfeeding in a heat wave. The whole thing makes me exhausted just thinking about it! Over the next few weeks I will be writing about the Fox Box adventures, what I've learnt and what's coming next. 

But amongst all the stress, tears and big decisions were some super lovely times. We went to Rye, Andy Murray won Wimbledon, the sun shone, we got in the paddling pool, Rudi learnt how to turn over and make us laugh even more, and school finished for the Summer holidays.  

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And now a new month has begun and I feel like I am opening a new, beautiful door. I've learnt a crazy amount in the past 7 months of 2013 and I'm giving myself this month to have lots of fun with my little ones, to treasure every moment with little Rudi, to make some stuff, to eat lots of ice-cream and dance in the kitchen at least once a day. My theme of the month is being in the moment (one of my 13 for 2013) and I will be taking part in August Break to help both being in the moment and to create a little moment for me each day. School Summer holidays are wonderful and exhausting all at the same time, so I know I need some moments just for me to give me the patience I need to make our home happy. 

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We have made this sweet little painted pinboard and now filled it with fun things to do and make over the holidays. Yippee for August!  

I hope you have some lovely things planned for this month. Happy August. x

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