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Selina Lake's Handmade & Vintage Summer Fete

selinalakesummer 019.jpg

At the end of June I went to Selina Lake's Handmade and Vintage Summer Fete in Kingston-upon-Thames. Earlier this year I went to another of her events, which she had organised for the launch of her new book Pretty Pastel Style. It was such a beautiful event that her Summer Fete had been in my diary ever since she announced she was organising it. 

Selina is a talented stylist, so you can imagine how beautiful these events are, bringing together a wonderful selection of creative stall holders.  

This time I took baby Rudi with me, so I didn't take as many photos as last time or get to see all the stalls but we both had fun talking to some very creative people and looking at lots of pretty things. 

There were so many lovely stalls and I was really happy to have time to stop and chat to Vicky Trainor, Mabel & Bird, Fiona Humerstone, Little A Designs, Rosehip Cards and see this amazing cake...yes it's all cake...by Cakey Bakes Cakes.

selinalakesummer 018.jpg

I also put together the prize for the winner of that week's Floral Friday competition.  

selinalakesummer 024.jpg

And just before I left I bought these beautiful pink peonies from Wild Willow Flowers

selinalakesummer 023.jpg

A huge thanks to Selina for putting such a gorgeous event together. And big thanks to Tarah and Nathan for giving Rudi and me a lift home with my flat tyre buggy!! 

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