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Reloved magazine

relovedmagazine 001.jpg

I am really excited today as The Crafty Fox Box is featured in the second edition of this lovely magazine. Reloved is a new magazine, which is full of craft ideas and focusses on upcycling.

relovedmagazine 003.jpg

It's so lovely to see the Crafty Fox Box in print!  

relovedmagazine 002.jpg

My favourite things in this edition of the magazine are: 

relovedmagazine 005.jpg

This beautiful patchwork tent. I hope to find some time to make this for my little ones this Summer.  

relovedmagazine 006.jpg

This attractive wooden window box. I'd love to fill this with herbs.  

relovedmagazine 007.jpg

And I love these button pictures. I made a button picture for our wedding and am now inspired to make some more button creations.  

relovedmagazine 008.jpg

If you like making things for your home I think you'll love Reloved magazine. Do let me know if you make anything featured in the magazine. I'd love to see your images.  

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