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Summer Holiday Make & Do: Butterflies

butterflies 001 (1).jpg

During the school Summer holidays I am planning plenty of making and doing with my little ones and for myself. As I've been so busy putting together Fox Boxes for the past few months I thought it would be nice to make mini versions for my children, so that their little craft projects come all wrapped up. They have loved watching all the Fox Box activity and are always hanging around for left-overs, so I think they are going to love this idea.  

butterflies 011.jpg

We kicked things off today with these sweet little cup cake wrapper butterflies. I have been busy gathering ideas of things to make on my Pinterest board, so that I can get organised ahead of time and make sure we have all the bits and bobs we need.  

The ones we have made are a slightly amended (easier) version of these beautiful ones. 

butterflies 001.jpg

All you need are some cupcake wrappers (we used white as they were in the cupboard and make a nice blank canvas for decorating but any colour will do), glitter glue or glitter or paint or pens or....anything to decorate your butterfly wings, some glue to stick the wrappers together and a peg for the middle.  

butterflies 009.jpg

Take four wrappers and fold each one in half, and then in half again, trim to create wing shapes and then stick them together overlapping in the middle.  

butterflies 004.jpg

Pop the peg onto the middle and then start decorating. I love that we had fun making these outside. There's something lovely about making and creating outdoors.  

butterflies 005.jpg
butterflies 006.jpg
butterflies 007.jpg
butterflies 008.jpg
butterflies 016.jpg
butterflies 015.jpg

Next time we will try using mini doilies like the one on the front of the bag as I think they would be sweet too. 

A lovely little make. If you have a go at making them I'd love to see your creations. Happy weekend! xx


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