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A Floral Friday

julyflorals 004.jpg

Some floral prettiness from my week. Oh how I love this time of year and all the beautiful blooms.  

julyflorals 002.jpg
julyflorals 005.jpg
julyflorals 013.jpg
julyflorals 014.jpg
julyflorals 015.jpg

And I've been loving bringing some of my Sarah Raven Poppies and Cosmos indoors this week. They are so sweet together. 

julyflorals 007.jpg
julyflorals 011.jpg
julyflorals 010.jpg

Have you been enjoying any flowers this week? Which are your favourite Summer flowers?  

It's Floral Friday over on Instagram today. Please join in if you have a moment! x

This Week's Floral Friday Winner is...

Summer survival kit