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Summer survival kit

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Today is the first day of our six week long Summer holidays. This makes me incredibly happy and exhausted at the thought of it all at the same time! Four children six and under, all day long for six weeks! Be ready for lots of Summer holiday posts as I try to keep myself happy and excited for the next few weeks.  

Last year we went away for a month (or should I say tried to go away for a month) and when we got home we knew that this year we'd be staying at home, especially with Rudi's arrival in April. Holidays with little children are a great idea and can be so much fun but they are not holidays in a relaxing, chilled-out, time off way. They are full-on and exhausting. So, this year we are opting for family day trips and some relaxing evenings at home for us.

I really want this Summer to be lovely and full of lovely memories but in order for that to happen it requires some planning and thought. I have started it off by giving them a little Summer holiday treat bag (top image) containing a little Playmobil character, some stickers and a packet of sweeties. I am planning a few more little treat bags as the weeks go by and some craft bags. I will share these with you over the next few weeks.  


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I have bought these journals from Paperchase and personalised them with some easy washi tape letters. The idea is that we can spend time drawing, writing, sticking etc. in the books to help to create a lovely memory of the holidays and to give them a little task to do each day. I wanted a creative way to make sure that they don't lose their writing and reading skills over the holidays, without it feeling like we're doing homework. Sneaky I know but important too. 

I have made a Pinterest board to gather ideas of things to make. I know that if I have things prepared I can pull them out when the time is right and we can have fun creating things together. I also have a few things I want to make myself during the evenings or nap times in the day. And I am planning to take part in the August Break, which I think will be a wonderful way for me to take some moments each day to be present, to be me and to be creative. These things will hopefully make me feel like I am having a holiday too!  

And then today we are making our Summer To-Do list together today, which I always love doing. 

If you have school children how do you make sure you enjoy the Summer holidays? I'd love to hear some of your ideas.  

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