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Sarah Raven: Cosmos Antiquity

cosmos 002.jpg

I love Cosmos, so I was delighted when I was sent Sarah Raven's Cosmos Antiquity to try in my garden. As you know we've had crazy weather this year and that combined with little Rudi arriving in the Spring has meant that my gardening hasn't been as successful as usual but like the Poppies, these beautiful plants have survived to tell a beautiful tale. I love how the flowers start of darker and then fade to give an antique/vintage look. 

cosmos 005.jpg
cosmos 001.jpg
cosmos 004.jpg

I love these plants and having done this little trial of them I am already planning to grow lots more of them next year. The Cosmos Dazzler looks beautiful too and I know my garden needs some Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Purity' next Summer too. 

Cosmos make pretty cut flowers, so I will be filling little vases when the next buds flower. The more you cut, the more they flower, so look out for some Cosmos images popping up on my Instagram stream soon. 

I have been so impressed with both the Cosmos and the Poppy plants from Sarah Raven that I know I'll be ordering her plants and seeds for many years to come. 

What flowers have you been enjoying lately? x

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