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Lessons from our children

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Sunday was supposed to be a very much needed family day and we thought what better way to spend it than at the beach? The forecast was good and it's only about an hour and a half drive away. Perfect!

The day couldn't have failed more spectacularly. We drove all the way to a beach that we love and didn't even see the sea let alone have an ice-cream! The wind and sea mist were so bad that we were strong advised not to even bother going onto the beach. 

Then there followed some bad fish and chips, lots of traffic, a million stops to feed poor baby Rudi and a very quick trip to a castle to make sure the day wasn't completely wasted. 

We arrived at the castle with about half an hour to go before it shut. By the time we'd whizzed around the castle the tearoom was shut. The journey home was a nightmare. Rudi cried nearly the whole way. We kept stopping to feed her. We got onto the wrong motorway. And there was a lot of traffic. We got home at 9.30pm, way past the children's bedtime. We hadn't eaten. We hadn't even started our Sunday Posts. And the homework hadn't been done. 

We were tired and grumpy.  


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Two grumpy adults swearing they will never leave East Dulwich with the children ever again. But what about the children? A completely different story. Three happy children that went to a castle because the weather at the beach wasn't very nice. The castle was brilliant. They loved it. There was a big, deep well in one of the rooms. They climbed to the top and saw some bats. There were huge fish in the moat. They want to go again soon.  

They don't care that for all those hours of travelling they were only in the castle for half an hour. To them that was everything. They loved it. They didn't complain about being in the car for hours. They had yummy snacks!  

My children have a wonderful way of focussing on the good stuff and remembering the happy, fun parts of the day. The day wasn't a big fail to them. The day was all about going to the castle. By talking about the castle and how much they loved it, they are holding onto the happy, positive memories of the day.  

We can learn so much from this attitude. A day may be hard, challenging and not go to plan at all but if you can have some fun for just a short while then you can save the day and make it a happy one. Take photos of the happy bit, write about it, talk about it and remember it. Soon the memories of traffic jams, the lack of ice-cream and the screaming baby will fade into the distance. 

I love learning things from my children. As parents we can be so wrapped up in what we are teaching them that we can miss all that our children are teaching us. Thank you little ones. I hope I can help you to hold onto your positivity and lust for life as you grow by following your example and doing the same. 

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