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Book of the week: I Can Do It Myself!

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When I saw this book today in our lovely local bookshop I just had to get it. I bought it for Max and Rudi but really I think it's for keeping me sane and making me smile during the "I Can Do It Myself" phase!  


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This sweet little book by Stephen Krensky has the cutest illustrations by Sara Gillingham. It's full of bright, happy colours and it has a Japanese feel to it. It makes me smile each time I look at it and it's such a lovely way to encourage toddlers to do things themselves.  

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Max is currently deep into the Do It Myself phase, which is incredibly sweet and cute, until it isn't. Oh the frustrations from both sides! The time it all takes when you need to quickly get out the door for the school run, or the mess of spilt food and drink, or the going out with mismatched clothes, back to front trousers and shoes on the wrong feet. But hey, he's actually got shoes on, so this is big stuff. 

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I love these two pages as they remind me of Oren, who is always going to the fruit bowl for an apple.

This book is great for encouraging toddlers to do things for themselves and for reminding the grown-ups that we need to let them!  

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