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The Paper Girls - Online course

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The Paper Girls, the lovely Abigail Warner and Lucy Ledger, run inspiring workshops for young or new paper and/or print businesses in London and across the UK. The workshops always look so pretty and jam-packed with amazing content! 

The exciting news is that The Paper Girls now have an online version of their Fabulous in Business workshop, so you can take it in the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the World!  

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This four week course will take you through all aspects of running a design and print based buisness.  

I love taking online courses because I can fit them into my own schedule, do more some days than others, connect with other people over the period of the course and take time to think about questions and ideas.  

I think online courses are also great at helping you to be self-motivated, which is really important in running your own business!  

If you have, or are thinking of having, a paper and print business then you should definitely check out the Paper Girls!  

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