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The Paper Fox Box Two

paperboxtwo 006.jpg

Last month I sent out the second Paper Fox Box full of lovely stationery treats from Rosehip Cards, The Magic Notebook and Lemon Paper Designs.

paperboxtwo 012.jpg

I have been a fan of Rosehip Cards for a few years now, originally finding them in the lovely People Shop in Birmingham. I love the colours and all the beautiful patterns. In this box I chose a sweet notebook, beautiful writing paper and a sweet mini greetings card.

paperboxtwo 002.jpg
paperboxtwo 008.jpg
paperboxtwo 013.jpg
paperboxtwo 019.jpg

The sweet, colourful pens are from the gorgeous online store, The Magic Notebook, which specialises in stationery from Korea. The Magic Notebook also have a shop in Cambridge, which I hope to visit one day soon. If you like cute stationery you must take a look! 

paperboxtwo 022.jpg

And finally, the box contained this cute little bag of sweet paper treats from Lemon Paper Designs.  

All the boxes were packed at our Fox Box packing day, so thanks again to Marie, Davina and Ella for all your hard work! xxx  


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