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Three months with Baby Rudi


Just over a week ago Rudi turned 3 months and what a wonderful 3 months they have been. The photo above illustrates how she is 95% of the time when she's awake. Quite simple the happiest person I've ever met.  


I always love those first three months with a newborn but I won't lie, some days they are really hard. They are exhausting and if you are breastfeeding there will be some days when you feel like you've done nothing else. Your home regularly collapses into chaos while you are pinned to the sofa feeding. Some days no matter how much you eat and drink it will just not be enough!



And of course there's that sleep thing and everyone you meet will ask you, "so how's she sleeping?" Like a newborn that needs feeding every 2-4 hours! 

At around 3 months things slowly start to change. Routines start to be formed and my little ones seem to get into a rhythm. Theses change as they grow but there's certainly a sense that you have a bit more of an idea about what's going to happen in a day.  

These three months have gone by so fast and although things are a bit easier now I would really like time to slow down a little bit, so that we can enjoy Rudi's baby days.  


I am rather proud of myself for getting through these first three months as a mother of four, for keeping my blog going and for keeping the Fox Boxes going. I know I've dropped a few balls, missed rather a few emails and failed to write enough thank you cards but all things considered I think I should treat myself to a large slice of cake and a gold star!


rudi123 002.jpg

I really love being a mother of four and every day I feel so lucky. And I really love watching Rudi grow into our family and all my children growing together. What a little crew they are!  

Happy 3 moths Rudi! You are bursting with happiness and I promise to do everything I can to help you stay that way. xxx

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