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It's the Little Things


As a busy mum to four little children and a wife to a super busy, often absent husband it is the little things in life, which often keep me going. Each week I will be writing a "it's the little things" post to share with you the things that have made me smile. The little things in life as so important but we often let them slip by. Appreciate the little things. They are precious.

I usually share my Little Things as photographs, which I take every day with my iPhone but this week I've made a little video instead. At the beginning of the month I attended a brilliant workshop with Posts Production to learn how to take and edit video for my blog. I learnt so much, even with little Rudi there as my assistant! 

In the spirit of yesterday's post I decided to make my video (only the second one I've ever made. Here's my first) in a really simple way, so that I would definitely be able to share it with you today. By making it in a simple way it also made it fun and not stressful, so now I want to make more and not give up! When you are learning new things at the same time as being a very busy Mummy, you need to manage your expectations! Please note the whole video apart from one little bit was shot with baby Rudi in the sling, so it's a little wobbly at times. It was all taken with the iPhone, so that I could take little bits as and when I had a moment. I hope you enjoy it. 


{Music: Sun Harmonics by Jon Hopkins}

I love learning new things, do you? I hope you had a beautiful week in the sunshine and that we get more of that soon. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the little things. 

It's the Little Things {video}

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