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The Floral Friday Winner is...

floraljune 014.jpg

This beautiful image by Jennifer Saunders is this week's winner of my Instagram competition. I love it because it's pretty, colourful and illustrates the lovely week of Summer we've had. I love that Jennifer picked these flowers from her garden to create the image too. Well Done Jennifer! I look forward to sending your prize to you next week! 

I am also awarding a prize to these two wonderful images.  

floraljune 005.jpg

This one is by Martina (@fruemden). I love this image of her daughter holding a beautiful peony. I love the colour of the pink flower against the blue of the dress. Thank you Martina! A little prize will be on its way to you next week! 

floraljune 011.jpg

And I love this one by Cristina (@cristina_sperotto)  too. I love the tiny white flower between her fingers and the red nails, black background and white flowers work so well together, Thank you Cristina, your prize will be on its way next week! 

This was the fifth week I've run the competition and it's just been so much fun. I love to see how it encourages people to be creative, to look at flowers in their gardens or in a park, to take a moment to admire the nature around us. And to improve their photography skills too. It's such a joy to see all the pretty images arrive on a Friday. A very beautiful end of the week. I hope you're enjoying it too.  

Here are a few more of my favourites from yesterday: 

From top left:  O'reilly's - Hannah Aka: Ivory Faces (all of my days with you) - Marie Palbom
(Marie Palbom Photography)  - Sophie (Sophie Made This) - Girl About London Town - Ness (One Perfect Day)

Thank you so much for all of your entries. I love your creativity and enthusiasm. Can't wait to play again next week. Have a wonderful weekend! x

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