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Two months with Baby Rudi

rudi 074.jpg

Wowzers Miss Rudi, you are two months old already! And look how much you've grown already.  

The past month with little Rudi has been full of so much joy. She is the happiest baby I have ever met. Her brothers and sister were happy babies too but Rudi has taken the happiness bar to a new level! She smiles pretty much all the time that she's awake. She smiles at people, at lights, at her black & white collection and our family motto below is her absolute favourite thing to look at. See how well she fits in already?!  

rudi 068 (1).jpg

I have been exclusively breastfeeding Rudi and it's going so well. I've breastfed all my children but little Max (baby 3) wasn't so easy to feed and I ended up using formula as well as breastfeeding. I thought this was partly due to him being my third and my life being rather busy with my first two children, so I was fully prepared to do the same with Rudi. But she's a super feeder and my other children generally let me feed her without any fuss. In some ways I guess it might be easier having my 6 year old to help her brothers if they need something while I'm feeding her. Some days (and nights) I hit that brick wall of complete exhaustion from the feeding and I can never seem to eat or drink enough but it really is so lovely to be feeding a baby that is so content. And I've battled through those hard growth spurt days with the help of this smile!  

rudi 075.jpg

Having four children six and under is hard. I'd be really silly not to admit that. It's exhausting and sometimes makes me cry at the shear non-stop challenge. But it's never felt so completely right. I am so, so lucky to have these adorable children and for a while I didn't think we'd be able to have baby four. Rudi is our very special post-ectopic pregnancy baby and over the past two months she has brought so much joy and love into our family. My children love being in their little crew. They argue of course but they love each other so much too and it's been so wonderful watching them with little Rudi.  

Yesterday they were all in the garden having their dinner and little Rudi was sitting in her seat watching them. She was smiling and chuckling away at them. We are so lucky to have little Rudi but she's also so lucky to have an amazing big sister and two super big brothers. She is sorted for life with that little set up! 

rudi 072.jpg
rudi 068.jpg
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Happy Two Months little Rudi! We love you so much. xxx

{The little 2 vest is part of a 12 months collection I've made with thanks to Davina's great idea.}  

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