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Floral Friday


Summer is here! What a glorious week. Just so very lovely to be outside, soaking up plenty of vitamin D and watching our garden literally burst into colour.  


The children have been loving the garden too. I love the sound of them playing in the garden. It brings back so many happy memories of childhood too.  


I have been getting so impatient for my Comos to grow, so I cheated a little bit and picked up this one at the garden centre to keep my going!  


For weeks I've been struggling to find anything to photograph in the garden and now there's almost too many things to capture. Not that I'm complaining. There's nothing I love more than popping out about 7pm with my camera in that beautiful Summer evening light.  Ahhh..... 


I hope you've been enjoying being outdoors this week too. It's the 5th week of my Floral Friday competition (#floralfridaycompetition) on Instagram today with a lovely prize for the winner. Pop over and join in! 

Have a beautiful weekend. x

The Floral Friday Winner is...

Two months with Baby Rudi