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It's the Little Things

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As a busy mum to four little children and a wife to a super busy, often absent husband it is the little things in life, which often keep me going. Each week I will be writing a "it's the little things" post to share with you the things that have made me smile. The little things in life as so important but we often let them slip by. Appreciate the little things. They are precious.

This week's little things:  


The last couple of week's have been pretty challenging in many ways. I ended up pretty burnt out and I didn't pay so much attention to the little things. I hadn't realised what an effect this would have on the way I felt. I started to focus on all the hard stuff and lose track of all the amazing things that were also happening.  

For perhaps the first time in 18 months I hadn't written my weekly It's the Little Things post, so I looked back on my phone and spent some time remembering the happy little things. It made me feel so much better, so I am starting this new month the right way and celebrating the Little Things again. 

If you have a busy, chaotic life I cannot recommend recording the little things that make you smile each day enough. They lift your mood, take away stress, calm you down and help you life in the moment a few times a day. A smile, blue sky, open windows, a cup of tea, a slice of cake, a hug, a bath, a letter....there are so many simple, little things that can make us smile. 

What little thing has made you smile today?  

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