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The Fox Boxes - the story so far

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During the Christmas holidays I mentioned a little idea I had to Stef one evening. The next thing I knew we were coming up with names, logos and a plan. It wasn't really in my plan to do a big thing this year but I had an idea and I knew if I didn't go with it, I would regret it. And so, the Crafty Fox Box was born.


I started the Crafty Fox Box in an incredibly simple way. I wrote a short blog post and set about making just 20 boxes. I wanted to keep it small, managable and at the same time exclusive. I started contacting designer/maker friends to ask if they'd like to get involved. I wrote a few tweets and mentioned it on Facebook. The 20 boxes were sold within a few days, using a Gocardless paylink (and Paypal for an overseas box). My idea became reality! 

I nervously sent out the first 20 boxes with a comedy trip to the Post Office: a double buggy, several black bin liners, three children and a rather pregnant me! The reaction to the boxes was better than I could have hoped for and soon the boxes were appearing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and new subscribers were emailing me to ask how they could join. 



The next month I added another 10 boxes and I have continued doing this each month since. Each month I have learnt new things about the process, we have built on our branding and website. It's still very much in beta but a beta with some great, exciting, big plans. 

Last month I started the Paper Fox Box, which is the next in the Fox Box family. A stationery box for stationery addicts like me! The reaction to this box has been brilliant too and I'm loving putting together box two. I am using exactly the same model I did for the Crafty Fox Box and keeping it small and limited edition, and building it up each month.

paperbox 020.jpg

I am really loving having a startup in 2013 and using cute little Instagram images of things that have been in the boxes as my main marketing strategy. And seeing it work! This combined with a few tweets and images on Facebook and Pinterest is building up my little business. 

foxbox 008.jpg

Living with a tech startup guy means that I am surrounded by startup trends, books and ideas all the time like bootstrapping and minimum viable products. I have picked up on these themes, which have given me the confidence to start quicker than I may have done otherwise. I didn't worry about doing lots and lots of research, getting investment etc. before starting. Instead I just got going and have been learning as I go. Each month I review and develop the boxes and am already at the point where I am working with companies I love who want to contribute their products for free.

It's been exciting and refreshing to work in this different way. Lots of people get stuck at the start and think they need to have everything and know everything before they can begin. My advice is to just start! 


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