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Writing, Sharing, Reading: Sunday Post

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A few week's ago Stef decided to create something to help him to start blogging regularly again. He used Help Me Write to invite people to choose what he should write about first and he asked other people on Twitter to join in too, and so #SundayPost was born. 

I always like writing on a Sunday evening because it gives me a chance to think about the week ahead and on Monday morning I feel like I have a positive thing to put out into the World to start my week well. I don't always manage it but now that Stef is always writing his Sunday Post on a Sunday evening, it encourages me to do the same.  

Stef has written some big stuff but other people have used it as an opportunity to blog about something they wouldn't normally write about. Long, short, light-hearted, big thinking, the Sunday Post covers everything. Through the hashtag #SundayPost we can all share what we've been writing. I follow loads of blogs but they are pretty much all centred around design, craft, photography and pretty stuff. I love all that and it fuels my creative side but sometimes I miss reading stuff that makes me really think and that's why I really love Sunday Post. It pops some great, thought-provoking things into my Twitter stream, so I can easily dip into them when I'm feeding baby Rudi or grabbing a rare five minutes of peace when my little ones are all playing together. When you are a busy parent it's not always to find the time to search for new things to read that aren't in your blog reader or your magazine selection.   

I love different ways of connecting with people. And Sunday Post is my new favourite thing for discovering new people who have a whole range of stuff for me to read. Want to join us?  


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