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Floral Friday: Sarah Raven Poppies

poppies 006.jpg

I have completely fallen in love with these Californian Poppies from Sarah Raven, which I was sent earlier in the year. They arrived as little plug plants. I planted the tiny things just after Rudi was born. Life has been rather hectic since then and the weather pretty rubbish. I was beginning to think my plants would never grow and then last week they seemed to treble in size overnight and were suddenly full of buds. 

poppies 003.jpg

Every day more flowers come out and when I look out my kitchen window I see a beautiful sea of orange. This year I have planted them in pots but I think next year I'd like to have them filling the flower beds. I love them!  

poppies 008.jpg

These poppies are great for cutting and bringing some sunshine into your home. 

poppies 010.jpg
poppies 011.jpg

Thank you so much for the plants Sarah Raven, I can't wait for the Cosmos Antiquity to burst out into flower in the next few days too.  

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