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Guest Post: How I started blogging by Ailie

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A few weeks ago I ran a competition using Help Me Write and part of the prize was a guest post on my site. The lovely Ailie won the prize, after getting the most votes on Help Me Write. Ailie has a lovely blog, which I regularly enjoy reading. I particularly love her video posts and all her wonderful finds. 

When I first started following Ailie on Instagram I had no idea that she was only 17. I love that about social media and blogging. We can connect with people that we share things in common with no matter what their age. I think this can sometimes be harder to do offline and I think it's a wonderfully positive thing about our online life!  

Here Ailie talks about blogging, how she started and why she loves it. Enjoy! x



One very rainy summer holiday I became rather obsessed with the addictive site that is Twitter. I spent far too much of my time finding new people to follow . First of all it was my favourite celebs and then I started noticing that there were some seriously cool businesses and creative people on there too who had much more interesting stuff to say than that years winner of Strictly Come Dancing.  

As I followed more people I found this word 'blog' popping up all over the place - something I had only ever heard of in ICT lessons. I started clicking the links and enjoying what I read but at this time I really didn't think that I would ever write one. 

I have always been a bit different to most other people in my year. I much prefer pottering at home to going out and partying, I am constantly baking, making and titivating whilst usually wearing some sort of pretty dress or a pinny and sipping on a cup of tea. It's just what I enjoy doing. However, of course, being at an all girls school (which don't get me wrong I loved most of the time) I was afraid of being judged by people - we all know girls can be a little catty at times, don't we?  

Back to twitter again, after a little while  I started engaging with more people rather than just staring in awe at what they did and it was then that lovely ladies such as Hayley Southwood (of Vintage Scoops fame) and Lulu  Peddar (of Lulu Locket Photography) started chatting back. They 'got' me and certainly didn’t think I was only 15 at the time!  We all met at Hayley's Vintage Wedding Fair and they both kept saying 'you should blog!'...so I went home that night and set up my little blogger account and away I went. 

I blogged for a rather long time with no one knowing other than my family and closest friends. When it came to the end of my GCSE's I started letting more people know, tweeted about it, texted people the link and slowly but surely I fell in love with writing about all my favourite things whilst knowing others were reading it too! 

Nowadays all I can think about is blogging. Of course my A Levels have to come first and I spend a large amount of my time revising and learning for them but any spare time I have at weekends or in the evenings I will be planning posts, taking pictures, making & baking things to share. 

Time and time again people say to me 'I can't believe you are so young' as I really am not your typical 17-year-old, but I take it as a compliment and hope they enjoy what I am doing. 

Blogging has most definitely made me a more confident person and I really love it and feel as though I have found 'my thing'.... as I can assure you sport and maths most certainly aren’t it!! 


Thank you so much for your lovely post Ailie. You are an inspiration to people of all ages. Keep blogging! x

You can follow Ailie on Twitter - Instagram - Facebook  and help her decide what else to write about on her Help Me Write page. 

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