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Two year's ago today I married my startup guy on a campsite in Sussex surrounded by family, friends and three of our four children. It was a beautiful celebration. 

Today I am happier than I ever thought possible two years ago. I thought that was as happy as life could get but somehow we've managed to create an even happier place for us both and for our precious family.  



When I started this blog we were in a different place in our startup adventures and at the time I felt like I'd put a lot of my things on hold to enable Stef to do his startup thing. We'd moved our family down to London (and then out into the commuter belt) and although I was happy in our little family, I was far from happy with where we were and what I was doing.  

When I read my about page it doesn't feel right anymore, and I will be changing it just as soon as I find a moment! At the time I really did feel like a startup wife that was stuck at home while her husband worked. Partly that's because that's what I'd chosen to do. I was at home with our lovely children and that was very lovely but I've realised looking back that when you are a startup person, it's pretty hard to just put it (ideas, dreams, creativity) on hold, especially when your husband is out every day working on his startup. And I know that I felt stuck.

What I have realised over the past few months is that yes, I'm a startup wife but I am more than that, I am part of a startup team. Stef and I are startup people. On Sunday I wrote about living in a startup bubble and it really made me think about how much I love the life we have. 


People often ask me how I manage to do all that I do, especially with four young children, and I think a big part of the answer is because I do it as part of a team. When I have an idea late on a Friday, I have someone who not only encourages me but who dives right in to help make it happen. Ideas become reality, pictures in my head become designs and small idea become big ones.   

Thank you Stef for being the best Startup Husband a Startup Wife could ask for. Over the past few years thank you for driving me to so many weddings across the UK and being my very favourite second shooter. And more recently, thank you for staying up until 3am to pack Crafty Fox Boxes while I fed our baby and got some sleep! Thank you for always having faith in me and giving me the confidence to do all that I want to do and more. Thank you for never expecting dinner to be on the table when you get home or ever worrying about the state of the house. Thank you for letting me leave all my mini photography studios and shoot sets, half finished craft projects and all my props (junk!) all over the place without ever once saying anything about any of it, apart from 'don't worry, this stuff is good stuff not mess, and it makes you happy.' Thank you for encouraging me to 'create something every day'  and thank you for saying yes. Happy Two Years, here's to many more. 


I am so excited about what our future together holds as a couple, as a family and as a startup team. 

A huge thank you to the very talented and super lovely Lisa Jane who took all these photographs of us a few weeks before little Rudi was born. We love them so much. If you are looking for a wedding or lifestyle photographer in London, I can highly recommend Lisa. She has a unique and beautiful style, and a wonderful, relaxed manner. You will have fun and get some amazing images to treasure.


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