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The Story Jar


Telling each other stories is a big thing in our family at the moment. My husband is an amazing story teller and most nights he makes up stories for our children. Nothing makes me happier at the end of the day than to listen to him and to watch the children's faces. They are totally captivated by it. You can read about his story telling adventures and if it inspires you to start creating your own stories then here's one of the lovely ways we  are using to encourage the whole family to make up stories, The Story Jar.


storyjar 003.jpg

All you need is an empty jar, a label, some ribbon, some paper, pens and your imagination. It's a lovely thing to to together as a family, so gather round and give everyone some little pieces of paper and start sharing your ideas.  

Children are jam-packed with imagination, so encourage them to come up with ideas and you'll find this helps to fire yours too! You can keep it as simple as you want. You could have one word ones, like "castle" or "forest". Or you could add more detail like:  

storyjar 016.jpg
storyjar 017.jpg

When you've filled all your pieces of paper with your story starters, pop them in the jar. 

storyjar 014.jpg
storyjar 013.jpg

Tie on your tag, shake it around and take it upstairs ready for bedtime. When you're ready for story time pull out a piece of paper, open it up and go...!  

storyjar 024.jpg

Creating stories together is a wonderful way to connect as a family, to make happy memories and to simply have fun. Enjoy and if you make a story jar please share an image of it with me. I'd love to see them!  

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