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This Week's Floral Friday Winner Is...

floraljune 015.jpg

This beautiful image by O'reilly's is this week's Floral Friday Competition winner. I love this image because of the attention to detail in the composition, even the table cloth is floral! I love how it illustrates breakfast and those beautiful moments of the everyday that we capture on Instagram. Yes we may style breakfast up a bit for Instagram but isn't that a lovely thing to do? This image makes me smile and I hope it makes you smile too. Congratulations Aurelie, a prize will be on its way to you next week! 

This week I have also loved:  


From top left: @skinblisterblog (Skin and Blister) - @tonidarcy (Toni Darcy) - @randomly_happy (Randomly Happy) - @lisapinke (My Three of Hearts) - @lottiewill - @fionahumberston - @gingerlillytea (GingerLillyTea) - @yuliashe100 (YuliaShe)

Floral Friday has a fancy new home

Some big, exciting news is that Floral Friday now has a gallery at FloralFriday.com

W've built this very quickly to show off the beautiful work that everyone has been putting into this project, and over the next few weeks we'll have lots of new features. The great news is to add your images to the site, you don't have to do a thing! Just keep tagging #floralfridaycompetition on a Friday and your images will appear in the gallery.

If you have any ideas or feedback, let me know! 


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