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Loving Spring

LizEarleSpring 019.jpg

To celebrate Spring and the launch of their new fragrance, Botanical Essence No. 100, Liz Earle sent me this pretty orchid and a sample of this lovely fragrance, which is made from 15 beautiful botanicals and smells fresh, light and perfect for Spring. 

LizEarleSpring 022.jpg
LizEarleSpring 009.jpg

I think Spring is my favourite season (although when Autumn comes I will say the same thing about that month...I can never quite choose between the two!) and to celebrate this season here are some of my favourite images from the past few weeks. These are all taken with Instagram, which you probably know I'm still addicted to! 

I know this Spring has been a bit up and down in terms of weather but it's still made me smile a lot.

Thank you Liz Earle for your lovely treats! x

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