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Handmade for Rudi

handmaderudi 034.jpg

Little Rudi has been sent so many beautiful handmade gifts that I thought it would be lovely to share them with you. This week I am showing you the sweet outfits that have been made for Rudi.

handmaderudi 026.jpg

This first outfit was made for Rudi by the lovely Byebyebirdie. It suits Rudi so well!. 

handmaderudi 033.jpg

And I love the camera vest, perfect for a photographer's daughter!

handmaderudi 028.jpg
handmaderudi 027.jpg

Thank you Byebyebirdie. We love it!

handmaderudi 016.jpg

And then this weekend Rudi was given this super sweet little dress and bunting from the lovely Allison who co-owns the People Shop and writes the sweetest blog.

handmaderudi 035.jpg
handmaderudi 022.jpg
handmaderudi 024.jpg

I love this dress so much! The fabric is adorable and I can't wait for Rudi to wear it on a beautiful Summer's day. 

handmaderudi 023.jpg

Thank you Allison! We love it!

Rudi was also given the sweet Rudi vest from Davina Drummond that I featured a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Davina. We love it! x

handmaderudi 002.jpg

I love that Rudi has been given so many handmade things. Definitely a sign of the wonderful creative times she's been born into. I will share more of the beautiful things next week.

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