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That was May: This is June


May was a bit cold and wet wasn't it but June is looking very lovely so far. May was a lovely month with Rudi though and her smiles and chuckles brought sunshine into our family every day of the month. She's a super star! 

In May I launched the Paper Fox Box and sent out the fifth Crafty Fox Box. I'm so excited about my new venture. I have lots of plans and it's so lovely that more people are joining each month and spreading the Fox Box love! 

I have just been having a little look at my 13 for 2013 and I'm pleased to say that I really am working towards some of my aims for the year. Not so sure about that 'get enough sleep' one right now, but Rudi and I are working on that one! We have definitely made a huge dent in out decluttering and now we have done some I am keen to continue it June. It's already making life so much easier and happier to have less stuff and less clutter. And I made Rudi's quilt, so I can tick that off! 

Did you make a list for the year? Get it out and take a look at it! It's a great way to make some plans for the month ahead.

peonies 001.jpg

I started June by taking a workshop and learning new skills. I'm so excited to have something new to work on. I love learning new things. It keeps me feeling alive, creative and full of energy. And it was such a great way to start the month. If you want to add video to your blog I'd highly recommend Tim and Michelle's workshop.

I want June to be full of sunny days, smiles, picnics, BBQs, strawberries, memory making and lots of love. Come on sunshine, don't disappoint me! I hope you have had a lovely start to June and that you have a super month planned.

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