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Handmade for Rudi

handmaderudi 005.jpg

This is the final Handmade for Rudi post. I hope I haven't forgotten anything! The parcels above are from our talented friend Paula Tew. I love the hand-stamped letters and look what was inside. One for all my children.

handmaderudi 004.jpg

So, so lovely. And I adore this blanket Paula embroidered for Rudi.

handmaderudi 007.jpg

And she knows just how much I love packaging, so she also made this hand-stamped gift bag, tag and matching card! The effort was definitely worth it Paula. Thank you we love it all. x

handmaderudi 006.jpg

Our lovely friend Charis (we went to school together and spend a lot of time making stuff back then!) made this beautiful, colourful hat and cute garland for Rudi. I can't wait for her to wear this in the Autumn. It will bring cheer to the coldest of days! 

handmaderudi 009.jpg

Thank you Charis, we love them! x

handmaderudi 032.jpg

These two cute foxes were made for Rudi by our super friend Evelyne, who is about to launch a new online shop selling her lovely crochet creations. Very excited about that and I will definitely share it with you when it launches. Thank you Evelyne we love them.

handmaderudi 036 (1).jpg

My mum has made beautiful crocheted blankets for all my children and this sweet red one is Rudi's. Thank you Granny, you know we love it! x

handmaderudi 037.jpg

And finally, just before Rudi was born I made her a patchwork quilt. I hope she will enjoy it! x

handmaderudi 038.jpg

I am just so touched that all these beautiful things have been made for Rudi. She is so loved already. I hope you've enjoyed seeing all these lovely treasures and perhaps they will inspire you to make something for a little one! 

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