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Handmade for Rudi

handmaderudi 012.jpg

Last week I shared some of the beautiful things that have been made for little Rudi. I'm back with more this week. This time I'm sharing the things that have been made by lovely people that I've met through blogging and social media, which I think is a pretty special thing about being a 2013 baby!

Above is a little washi tape R that I made for Rudi. I wanted to include this as my love of (addiction to) washi tape is definitely linked to reading blogs! 

handmaderudi 014.jpg

This beautiful garland was made for Rudi by the very lovely Yvonne Eijkenduijn. I still have to pinch myself about this one as Yvonne is one of my blogging heroes! I met her at the wonderful Meet the Blogger in London in March and we meet again shortly after at the Pretty Pastel Style launch. She tried to teach me to make just one of these lovely flowers. I failed, so she made this for Rudi! I love it so much and I know Rudi will too. And I love the story I can tell her about how I met Yvonne. 

Thank you Yvonne for being an inspiration to me and so sweet to make this for Rudi. x

handmaderudi 031.jpg

Next are these super sweet cross stitch hoops, one for Rudi and one for me, made by my lovely friend Lulu. We met through Twitter and have had some lovely times meeting up with our children and on our own. Lulu has also attended one of my workshops. She makes these beautiful creations for lots of people on Instagram and I love seeing them pop up in her feed!

Thank you Lulu, we love them! x

handmaderudi 008.jpg

These beautiful treats are from my lovely blogging friend Zoe. Zoe made this gorgeous necklace for me as a Mummy treat and commissioned this sweet sign for Rudi made by Moobaacluck. It's so sweet and I love that my other children can read it and try their best to be quiet for Rudi! 

Thank you Zoe, we love them. x

handmaderudi 035 (1).jpg

This sweet Liberty print Rudi sign was made by another blogging friend, Jane. Jane sent it all the way from Australia! It's so pretty and Jane sells these in her Etsy shop. 

Thank you so much Jane we love it. x

handmaderudi 034 (1).jpg

I love that Rudi has been given so many lovely handmade things from friends that I've met online through blogging and tweeting. Such a lovely thing to tell her all about when she's older.

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