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It's the Little Things

This week on the Little Things I have invited the lovely Lucy to share her Little Things with you.

I am thrilled to be guest posting for Emily today. I read Emily's blog on a daily basis and she has inspired me to be braver and more creative with my photography and take time out of our busy lives to absolutely appreciate the little things.

At a time when I have never been busier this post has made me stop and think this week. Stop and remind myself of what is really important, the little things.

My little things. 


Thinking of other people less fortunate and trying to help them. Freshly cut grass and the joy of seeing 2 boys and 2 dogs running around the garden. A new pink bumper and counting down the days until I hold my tiny niece again. A new lens to capture an anniversary trip away. An office that looks like a craft store exploded, but making just enough space for a laptop. A new tea towel.


Supporting local business and some up cycled little treats. A pink present and realising how lucky I am to have my boys. A neighbour who has become a loyal friend and my biggest supporter. Party supplies for a special boy. Barn preparations for a Circus adventure and swatches. I love picking new furniture as it happens so rarely!

Take a second today to stop and think of the things that have made you smile. Big or small they make such a difference.

Thank you so much for sharing your Little Things today Lucy. If you would like to share your Little Things here next month then let me know! Have a beautiful week and do pop over to Lucy's beautiful blog for more lovely images. x

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