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Help Me Write - A Competition

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Help Me Write is a great new resource for bloggers, which I introduced to you a few weeks ago. Since then some new features have been added and I have written a couple of the things that were voted for; Changing Direction and Drawing With Our Children.

When you join Help Me Write you can start to build a list of the topics you are thinking about writing about. You can then ask your audience to vote for the things they would like to read about. You write about them and then you can send the link of the article to the people who voted to for it, inviting them to read it. Hopefully they will enjoy it and share it with their own networks. You can also vote for the things you would like to read about.

I think it's a great way to connect with your readers, grow your readership, as well as discovering new blogs to read yourself.

Today I am launching a competition using Help Me Write. The task is to join Help Me Write (if you haven't already) and choose a topic to write about. Link to your topic here in the comments and then share it with your networks. The topic with the highest number of votes at 8pm (GMT) on Friday 24th May will win the opportunity to write the post as a guest post here on The Startup Wife and a six month's subscription to the Paper Fox Box to provide you with plenty of stationery goodies for when you want to write off-line! 

I am really excited to see the topics and ideas you come up with. Good Luck!

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