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Floral Friday

floralfriday 009.jpg

In an attempt not to get all cross about this very annoying weather I am just going to focus on my indoor botanicals this week and not even mention the garden! Hooray for the beautiful Lilac my dear friend Corinna brought round earlier this week and the wonderful Peonies, Bluebells and Daisies I've been enjoying. I've just had to bring Spring indoors and try not to look out the window too much. Come on sunshine! 

floralfriday 004.jpg
floralfriday 006.jpg
floralfriday 011.jpg
floralfriday 012.jpg
garden 056.jpg

As the weather was too wet for an outdoor Rudi in the Bluebells photo I had to improvise!

garden 057.jpg

I have been cheered up this morning by all the lovely Floral Friday competition entries on Instagram. Last week's winner was this beautiful image by Fiona Humberstone.

garden 055.jpg

Congratulations Fiona, it's such a lovely idea for a project to do with your children and makes a beautiful image. Oh and the spirit of Pinterest's current campaign, you should take a look at Fiona's gorgeous Pinterest boards

Let's hope we get some happy weather soon. Enjoy the weekend! x

The Floral Friday Winner

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