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Sunday Sunshine

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I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. As I sat down to write this post I realised that this series has started to stress me out and it's not making me happy, so it's time to stop it for a while. One of the important lessons that I learnt when I took Holly Becker's course earlier this year was that if something on your blog isn't making you happy then you shouldn't do it. So wise and true isn't it? 

I do love to share things with you but I've realised that I prefer to share them as I go along and often share them on Twitter or on my Facebook page. Forcing myself to find things, the right things,  to share with you each week was starting to stress me out and this blog isn't about stressing me out, it's about making me happy!

I think it also has a lot to do with my life right now too and how it's full of feeding baby Rudi and holding her sweet little hand, while also making sure my other three poppets get plenty of love and attention too. I write my blog posts in my head while in the shower or while feeding Rudi in the middle of the night and then make notes on my iPhone or in my notebook when I get a moment. I've always been like that about writing, composing stuff and thinking about things as I go about life but right now I have a bit less time to actually do the blogging bit, so I need it to be a lovely, happy thing for me and not something that makes me feel all anxious.

Quite amusingly (well only in retrospect!) my internet connection stopped while writing this post and I lost the whole thing. I took it as a sign that Sunday Sunshine definitely has to stop, for a while at least!

I have got a few lovely things to share with you today though. Enjoy!

The wonderful Lily and Frank's recent personal work.

A sweet new magazine for children. (Thanks Dorkymum for sharing that with me!)

Something to bake. I have been dreaming about these for days, so will have to try and make them this week!

And...a competition - Floral Friday - botanicals - pinning - taking care - handmade - little things

Enjoy the rest of the day. x

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