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Pin It Forward UK

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I am super excited to be part of Pinterest's Pin It Forward UK campaign today and to share with you why I love Pinterest and how I use it. 

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for collecting together the things you love. I use it as my online scrapbook and gather images together in similar ways to the way I cut up printed magazines and file images, recipes and other inspiring things together. As well as pinning things that I find online I also love to lose myself in other people's boards or search Pinterest for a particular thing and find inspiration amongst all the wonderful pins. 

Back in 2011 we used a Pinterest board to help our wedding guests decide what to wear to our festival style wedding on a campsite with our wedding style guide. More recently I have used the new private Pinterest boards for my photography workshop students to share their workshop images for feedback and advice. 

This is my latest Pinterest board, Workspace Inspiration, which is helping me to plan my new creative workspace. It's so fun to find inspiration from across the World and I love looking at my board and seeing all the images come together and highlight colours, ideas and spaces. 

If you aren't using Pinterest yet, now is a great time to join.

What I love about this Pinterest campaign, is that now I get to introduce two bloggers to you who will share their Pinterest adventures with you tomorrow.

Firstly, there is the lovely Sabrina of Wolves in London, a blog about her journey and dreams of setting up a fabric business and her London life. I love her Making the Most of London series on her blog and her Wrap it up Pinterest board.

And secondly, is the lovely Beci of The Cat That Cried Wolf, a blog full of interesting and beautiful finds. I love her patterns and her Tiles Pinterest board. 

Thank you to The Little Tailoress for introducing me yesterday and to the Pinterest team for inviting me to be part of this inspiring campaign. 

Happy Pinning! x

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