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Floral Friday

garden 046.jpg

Another week of planting in the garden, admiring the last of the cherry blossoms and loving the peonies.

garden 047.jpg

I have planted my Eschscholzia californica seedlings from Sarah Raven and they are already growing well, and my Cosmos 'Antiquity are doing well too. I can't wait for them both to flower in the Summer. 

garden 045.jpg

I am hoping the weather starts to improve again soon as this week has been all over the place again. On the days we haven't been out in the garden I've still been enjoying my flowers indoors. Peonies are my all time favourite, so I make the most of them when they are in season. They are just a dream to photograph and smell gorgeous too. I love how the grow bigger and bigger, and their petals change colour. Something new to photograph each day.

garden 049.jpg
garden 050.jpg

Last week I held my first Floral Friday competition on Instagram and the winner was this beautiful flowers and paper cut image by Silvia Raga from Italy. She has a lovely Instagram stream and a beautiful shop. 

garden 048.jpg

I will announce this week's winner on Instagram this evening and share it with you here next week. The winners receive one of my sets of botanical images.

I hope you've enjoyed some floral treats this week in your garden, in a park or in your home. I'd love to hear what's caught your eye this week! Finally, I just want to share a couple of images of little Miss Rudi enjoying the flowers too!

garden 051.jpg
garden 053.jpg

Sunday Sunshine

Loving Spring