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Pizza Express and a new style menu for kids


As a family we have always enjoyed going to Pizza Express as we've always felt welcome with the children and enjoyed their delicious food. A couple of weeks ago we were all invited to Pizza Express to make pizzas and try their new style menu for kids. The children had so much fun making pizzas with the chefs.


Pizza Express have been working closely with the Children's Food Trust nutritionist and made several major changes to their children's menu. Children can now choose to 'Create Their Own' pizzas, which enables them to choose different things as their tastes change and develop, as well as getting involved with ingredients.

They have also added gluten free options, pasta dishes with homemade sauces, a creamy raspberry sorbet made entirely from fruit and Piccolo sundaes with no fudgy or cakey bits. 

The Piccolo menu has also been updated and is now lade out as a bright and colourful mini-magazine, which folds out to become an activity page with pictures and puzzles relating to fresh ingredients.

During the day I made this little video. This is the first video I have ever made and I made it with a week old baby Rudi in a sling and two year old Max by my feet...so don't laugh! I want to make more videos now as I loved it, so luckily I'm going to this course in a few weeks to learn how to do it properly!

The new Piccolo menu is available from today (April 30th 2013) and I know that we'll definitely be going to Pizza Express again soon to enjoy it!

Thank you to Pizza Express for inviting us along.

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