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Pregnancy Portrait - Due Date!

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So, today's the day...well probably not today but very soon. My other little ones have all been late, so I'm prepared to wait a few more days! I am getting so excited though but strangely still can't quite believe we are going to have another little one in the family. I feel so very lucky. 

The house is ridiculously quiet as my little ones have gone to stay with our fabulous nanny until the baby arrives. This is what they did when Max was born and they have been making this plan for months. I love that they remembered that's what happened two years ago. They have even remembered the photographs they want when they come home to meet their little brother or sister. It was both exciting and really hard to say goodbye to them. They talked loads to the baby explaining that they would be back when he/she came out. It was just beautiful. 

It is such an amazing gift to have this time to myself. To rest, to potter, to recharge. But goodness me I miss them. They are so a part of me and in all the madness of the everyday I don't always take the time to realise this. This time is helping me not to take it all for granted, to try not to get frustrated when they want me all the time, to sit down and take the time to cuddle them all, to just be with them, to love them. I do a whole lot of that of course but sometimes I'm rushing around trying my best to do everything that I forget how important it is to just enjoy the moment. 

So, now it's time to get myself ready, rested and all geared up to be a mummy to a brand new little one! Let's hope I don't have to wait too long and that I'll have some happy news to share with you soon. x

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