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Pae White at the South London Gallery

We are still exploring new places that are really close to home. I am still a little overwhelmed by the fact that we have so many wonderful places on our doorstep. After living out of London for a couple of years I am still really loving the novelty of popping down the road to an art gallery!


Over the Easter weekend we took the children to the South London Gallery for the first time. I had spotted Pae White's beautiful looking exhibition, Too Much Night Again, and I thought that we'd all enjoy it. I wasn't wrong. A room full of yarn! The yarn crosses over the whole gallery and creates huge letters and words on the walls. You walk through a tunnel of yarn, which is amazing whatever age you are! It is a beautiful and mesmerising exhibition, and I highly recommend a visit.

PaeWhite 014.jpg

The cafe at the gallery is brilliant too! Enjoy x

A beautiful babymoon

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