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Refreshed and inspired - A review of Holly Becker's Blog Boss course


I have just finished my third online course with Holly Becker of Decor8 and as always I am feeling refreshed, inspired, creative, confident and full of blogging love. Holly has an amazing way of teaching that fills me with joy for life and for doing what I do. She motivates in an energising but calming way, which I find a fascinating combination. 

Some people asked why I was taking another of Holly's courses, especially with baby four due so soon but every time I study with Holly I get something new from it and the course always pushes me forward once more. She also brings in new teachers and this time it was brilliant to learn from Steffi Luxat and Irene Hoofs. It's been fantastic to learn from them over the past few weeks too. Both very creative and inspiring women. 

What I also adore from Holly's courses is the community and the opportunity to connect with bloggers from not only across the World but also locally too. I belong to a local group of bloggers that came together as a direct result of us all taking one (or more!) of Holly's courses, and we meet up once a month.

Holly's philosophy of blogging as a way of living your best life really has had a huge influence on me from the first time I took one of her courses back in 2011. Over the past year my blog has pushed me in a very positive way to live a better life and it continues to do that. And from the lovely feedback from my readers I know that by writing it, and living it, I can inspire others too.

I created the mood board above during the course, which I loved doing as a way of thinking about where I am now and where I want to be as this year goes on. The final piece of homework was to do something amazing this week for your blog. Well, with baby 4 due on Thursday I figure that may be amazing enough! But I have written down what I would have done if I wasn't quite so pregnant and it will be coming soon and I'm very excited about it!


If you are looking for a blogging course I cannot recommend Holly's courses enough.

Thank you Holly, Steffi and Irene for your wonderful teaching. You are inspiring, creative, amazing women and you've left me uplifted, in love with what I do and ready to create new challenges and adventures. xxx

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