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Please don't deploy on a Friday!


Be awesome today and please don't deploy anything as it's Friday! That's a little message to all you startup people out there and one which you may want to pass onto your husband/wife/partner if they are the startup person in your family.

So many of our weekends have been totally ruined in the past, starting with a Friday evening phone call, "sorry, I'm running really late. We've just deployed and we've got a few problems." It then tended to get worse on a Saturday morning, usually as we were just about to go out on a lovely family adventure. The phone call/direct message/text would arrive...."Oh no! The whole site is down." And our happy weekend would be cancelled.

Fortunately Stef has learnt that deploying on a Friday is a really, really bad idea and doesn't do it anymore. Hooray! We have our Friday evenings and weekends back. Midweek deploying is so much easier to deal with. Please also avoid family birthdays (and the day before), anniversaries and the day before you go on holiday!

So, if you still try to deploy at the end of the week think again and change the way you work. Your family and friends will think you are awesome!

{ps our Be Awesome Today print is from LuciusArt}

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