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A little cot corner


There's not much space for little Rudi at the moment. She doesn't have her own nursery and once she's old enough to move out of our bedroom we will either have to be creative with the other children's bedrooms or move to a bigger house. We haven't worked that out yet! But for now I wanted to give her a special little corner of our room as a way of welcoming her into our family and also for the other children to see her little space. I think it really helped to show Max all the pictures and Rudi's name, so he could understand that she's here to stay!

The lovely white bunting is made from the spare material from my wedding dress and was a gift from Mr Christian. The black and white garland with cute neon string is from Happy August. The postcards are by Seventy Tree. The name banner is from Papermash. The sweet little lavender cloud is from Mabel & Bird and the cute letterpress card is from Superlovely.


One day I'm sure all these little treasures will end up in Rudi's own room or one she shares with one of her lovely siblings. And I'm also sure we'll keep collecting little things for her.

Please don't deploy on a Friday!

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