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A letter to baby Rudi


A week ago today I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Rudi. As my first contractions started the beautiful Spring sunshine came out and throughout my labour I could see the blue skies out of the window and I knew my Spring baby had chosen the best day to arrive.


Here is a little letter to my amazing little girl.

To my precious little Rudi,

You have been with us for one whole week and already you are an established member of our family of six. We have all fallen head over heels in love with you (well apart from Max...but let's give hime time!) and simply adore you.

I have been so lucky to spend the week with you snuggled in our bedroom but we've had plenty of little visits from your big brother and sister who want to give you lots of cuddles and tell you all about the world. They are going to look after you and give you so much love. I am so happy and excited that you have got such lovely siblings.

You are feeding really well and as a consequence I am eating a lot of chocolate! Your super soft newborn skin is beautiful and at the moment you have some dark hair like mine. I wonder if it will stay. You look so much like your big brother Oren did when he was born and he loves me telling him all about that. 

I am so excited to watch you grow and discover your personality but I want time to go as slowly as possible, so I can savour every moment and make as many beautiful memories as possible.

Little Rudi May welcome to our family. You have many fun-filled adventures with us ahead.

Lots of love and hugs from Mummy. xxx

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