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A beautiful babymoon

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This week has all been about baby Rudi and enjoying her first week snuggled together doing not much more than feeding and sleeping. My other children have been so wonderful at letting us have the space we've needed and as a result I'm feeling like I am recovering well from the birth and Rudi is feeding really well. It's been like a mini holiday in my bedroom! I know next week I am going to slowly have to get used to life as a mother of four but the more rest I can have now the better.

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When I was born my mum got to spend the week in hospital. For me that would be horrible (overheating with no natural light and the grimmest food!) but the idea of giving mothers a week to rest and recover is a good one and I would highly recommend it to any new mothers out there, especially ones with other children. At the beginning of the week I had a bit of guilt about not being there for my other three, especially as they had already been away for a few days but they are doing great and as long as they have a few cuddles with Rudi and me each day they are happy. 

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We did have a little adventure out yesterday, picked up some flowers from my local florist and had our first lunch together as a family of six in our favourite pub. It was just lovely and made me realise how much we are all going to love being six. Happy (and yes crazy) times ahead!

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A letter to baby Rudi

Pae White at the South London Gallery